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Wayward Coffeehouse burglarized overnight

Sometime between the first two arsons last night, someone drilled out the locks on the front door of Wayward Coffeehouse at 8570 Greenwood Ave. N. and stole a “significant amount” of cash.
Bronwyn, the owner, (who didn’t want her last name used), said the burglar appeared to know what they were doing. “It seemed pretty professional. They drilled out the lock. We’re trying to determine when it happened. We closed at 11:30 last night… and it was reported at 4 a.m.”
The burglar didn’t break or disturb anything else, but did take cash. She didn’t want to give any more details since it’s now a police investigation. She doesn’t know if it’s in any way related to the arsons, but wonders how our neighborhood can have arson patrols and neighbors on high alert, yet we still have break-ins and arsons.
“Businesses are definitely getting targeted,” she said. “You’d think somebody would be seeing something. It’s really frustrating that nobody’s seeing anything.”