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Attempted burglary at Salmon’s Service Center

Somene tried to break into Salmons Service Center at 355 NW 85th St. late last night. The person was caught by the station’s security cameras about 10:30 p.m. He tried to jimmy the door, then walked east towards the propane tank on the edge of the property.
“A figure was caught on camera jimmying the door, but we couldn’t actually discern who it was,” one of the station’s employee’s told me this afternoon. “He seemed to be kind of a bumbling idiot.”
Police were called but missed the suspect by a few minutes.
In the wake of 10 arsons in the neighborhood, Owner Phil Salmon and his employees are taking extra precautions. They’ve spent a lot of time trying to clean up the alley behind the station, making sure their motion sensor lights work, and are currently installing extra security cameras.
Salmon also plans to pick up his alley neighbor’s extra cardboard that’s sitting out waiting for pickup, and put it into his own locked dumpster, to make sure the arsonist doesn’t see it as an opportunity. “It’s amazing me that he’s setting fires while they’re patrolling,” Salmon said.
Salmon was the victim of a previous arson at his Woodinville gas station in May 1989, so he says he’s serious about taking steps to make sure it doesn’t happen again.