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Have things mysteriously moved around your yard?

We received a very unusual note from “Mr. Grinch” today, regarding a woman who has apparently been moving items around his front yard, and sometimes stealing them, for months.

First it was a propane tank being moved, then it was the strange appearence of orange cones in the adjacent alley, next it was my garbage can and recycling bin (the old ones for glass) disappearing.
Approximately two weeks ago I came home from work and found a woman in my yard leaving and of course as it was not a friend and she was making a hasty retreat I asked WTF she was doing in my front yard?…. Her reply was an insane “Is this your yard?” as I was taken aback, tired and cranky from work I was distracted as she walked swiftly away. 

It happened again yesterday as he heard a strange sound on his stairs, peeked out the window and noticed that some of his stuff had been moved, other items that were not his, and his brand new city-issued garbage can was gone.

As I had only had my new can 1 week I was determined to get it back this time…I noticed the SAME WOMAN leaving my neighbors yard, trailed by my neighbors daughter…who was trying to ask this insane woman WTH she was doing in her yard moving stuff around, as she made her insane walk away get-away.
I caught up with her around the corner and confronted her regarding my G can and all the other insanity and her “Thats your house?” followed by “Whats your name?” as she offered her hand for shaking and then “where do you work?” Very off-putting I tell you…
She had moved my G can to my neighbors yard and many pots into my yard from my neighbors house.
She’s tallish maybe 5’8″ slim dark brown or black hair, possibly with some red or purplish tints/highlights. She dresses in dark skirts and blouses when I’ve seen her and has pigtails(?)… She has a very Olive Oylish thing going looks wise. She smokes “Black” brand(?) I think clove cigs. (she left an empty pack in yard on my after work encounter).

Has anyone had a similar encounter with this woman?