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Traffic calming meeting next Wednesday

Next Wednesday is the city’s monthly Traffic Safety meeting, and lucky for us, it’s at the Greenwood Library. A number of PhinneyWood readers have expressed concern about what can be done about speeding on residential streets. Attending the Traffic Safety meeting from 6:30-7:30 p.m. on Wed., Oct. 21, looks like the best place to start.

The meetings will include a power point presentation, with a brief overview of different traffic calming options, what steps a neighborhood must take to be considered for traffic calming, criteria staff use to prioritize projects, and possible funding sources. Residents will also be trained in the proper use of radar speed guns
If residents want to enroll their street in the traffic calming program, a representative from their street must attend one of these meetings.
Under both state law and the Seattle Municipal Code, the speed limit on our non-arterial streets is 25 mph.

Check out the city’s Traffic Calming website and there’s a ton of information about what people can do to slow down traffic on their street. You can fill out an application to have Seattle Department of Transportation staff assess traffic on your street, learn more about gathering the support of neighbors, and find out how to check out a radar speed gun to track traffic speeds on your street.
If you can’t make this meeting, you can attend any of the monthly meetings in various sectors of the city.
Thanks to Christo for mentioning the meeting in the comments section of an earlier story about a cat killed by a speeding car.