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Cat killed in hit-and-run Friday

Brad sent us this sad note about a cat that was killed by a speeding hit-and-run driver on Friday:

Our neighborhood cat, a beloved friend to many, was killed this morning by a car on 59th street. The driver did not stop. Neighbors had to take the cat to the animal hospital where he was non-responsive and beyond saving. The vet put the cat to sleep.
N 59th Street is a highly used cut through street with cars and trucks frequently speeding down the hill from Phinney to 3rd NW. Sadly this behavior cost us a close friend today.

Some neighbors have tried to have a traffic circle installed at the intersection of Greenwood Ave N and N 59th Street (other cut through streets have traffic circles on Greenwood) but some neighbors oppose the circle.

Perhaps we can change their minds to help slow traffic on our street before other loved ones – with two and four legs – are hit.