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Rising Stars, Metropolis are moving in together

A substantial rent increase and the poor economy have prompted a creative business cohabitation arrangement between Rising Stars Children’s Store and Metropolis. Both businesses hope it will help them weather the recession.

Rising Stars is moving into the north third of Metropolis’ space at 7321 Greenwood Ave. N., and hopes to open at the end of the month, according to owner Elonna Lester. Lester started looking for a new space after the building her business is in at 7404 Greenwood Ave. N. was sold and the new owners asked for a 30 percent rent increase.

At the same time, Metropolis owner Terry Heiman was looking for someone to take over some of his space to help him weather the economic downturn.  

“We’re excited and think that customers will be too. They’ll have access to two great shops in one open, friendly space. We look forward to joining forces with Metropolis and staying in the neighborhood,” Lester said.

“We are joining forces to get through this economy,” Heiman echoed. Each store will have its own front door, but shoppers will be able to cross between the two stores inside the building.

Heiman said sales have been a struggle since last year. “Our overhead is greater than our sales. You’ve got to be creative during this environment. Hopefully when things improve, we can spread our wings a little more.”

“I think we’re in good company with Rising Stars, they’ve been here 17 years and we’ve been here 28 years,” Heiman said.

[Rising Stars photo credit: Elonna Lester]