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Building fire at Greenwood & 86th Sunday night

Seattle Fire responded to a roof fire at 8539 Greenwood Ave. N., above Gary’s Games & Hobbies around 9:40 Sunday night. It was a pretty massive response, with six fire engines and two ladders.
Helen Fitzpatrick, Public Information Officer with Seattle Fire, told us this morning that it was an accidental fire from torch-down roof repair. The fire apparently smoldered unnoticed, until burning into the attic space. Damage is estimated at $16,000.
Kayce, the clerk at the game store, told us there was no damage at all to the store. “Not even water damage, it was kind of amazing,” she said. Gary’s Games & Hobbies is open for business as usual today. “Yup, I even vacuumed,” Kayce said.

Thanks to everyone for the tips, and Patrick for the photo.