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PNA’s Ed Medeiros retiring, new E.D. needed

For many people, the Phinney Neighborhood Association’s Executive Director Ed Medeiros IS the PNA. He was there when it all began nearly 30 years ago, as the Phinney Center redefined what it means to be a community.
Now, Ed is retiring and the PNA needs a new executive director. You can see the job announcement here. The PNA’s Board of Directors wants a new E.D. selected well before Ed retires in January.

Ed was part of the original group of neighbors who created the PNA in 1980. Ed was hired in 1981 when the organization moved into what was then the John B Allen Elementary School. Thanks to his dedication and support from the community, we have grown from one employee to a staff of 60, with extensive programming that runs the gamut from preschool to senior activities, neighborhood events, classes, soup kitchens, an art gallery, and much more.
Ed’s retirement comes at a significant crossroads for the Association. With our recent purchase of the Phinney Neighborhood Center site from the Seattle School District and a capital campaign in progress, we are moving forward with plans to create new entryways, elevators for both buildings, a new hillside park and new community gathering spaces. We have embraced a new initiative that challenges us to make all of these improvements at the highest level of sustainability possible. To learn more about our capital campaign follow this link: Capital Campaign.

In a press release, Ed says he’ll continue to be involved in the PNA’s Capital Campaign, and volunteer on various committees.
“I look forward to less responsibility and more time for involvement with pet projects in the community. This is a good time to make a transition knowing that the legacy of the PNA is in good hands with an excellent Board of Directors and incredible staff,” he said.