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‘Enchanted April’ at Taproot Theatre

Taproot Theatre’s next production is “Enchanted April,” based on the 1920’s novel of romantic escape. It opens Sept. 25 and runs through Oct. 24.

The enticement of an enchanting Italian holiday captivates the hearts of two British housewives on a drizzly London afternoon in 1922, and fills their imaginations with wisteria and sunshine. By the time they arrive at their Mediterranean villa, an aging matron and a young socialite have joined their quest for something more. The gardens, sea, cinnamon and pasta are just the beginning of the transformation they discover.
Ultimately a story of escaping to a place of beauty and being transformed, the play begins in Great Britain just a few years after World War I, in a time of darkness and devastation, when people are still dealing with the great losses from the war.

“Enchanted April” features Jeff Berryman, Ryan Childers, Aaron Finley, Llysa Holland, Anne Kennedy, Kim Morris, Charity Parenzini and Nikki Visel. It is directed by Karen Lund.
“Enchanted April” begins with low-price previews on Sept. 23 & 24, plus there’s a pay-what-you-can performance on Sept. 30, where tickets go on sale at 5 p.m. that day only at the box office. Pizza and a Play Night on Oct. 1 is $10 for ages 18-25, and includes free Romio’s pizza; the pizza party starts at 6:30 p.m.
For tickets, call Taproot Theatre’s box office at 206-781-9707.