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Empty Sea Studios kicks off new kids concert series

Empty Sea Studios on Phinney Ridge has been offering a variety of acoustic music since opening this spring, and now it wants children to get in on the action.
Their new KidsAcoustic concert series begins Sunday, Sept. 20, with teacher and early string performer Shulamit Kleinerman and Empty Sea owner and multi-instrumentalist Michael Connolly. The series is billed as “Old Music for Young Ears.”

Some kinds of music are inherently age-inclusive. KidsAcoustic presents real music that parents can enjoy for its own sake, while the lively tunes and wonderful instruments draw kids in naturally. For each concert, teacher and early string performer Shulamit Kleinerman joins forces with a duo partner from a folk or early music tradition. A personable forty-five minute program is followed by a hands-on opportunity for all the kids to try out our menagerie of instruments. Appropriate for preschool and elementary-school-aged children and their families.

Connolly will play his mandolin, guitar, Irish flute, concertina, uilleann pipes, and even the harp and fiddle he built himself. Shula will play her violin, vielle, and viola da gamba.
The show begins at 11 a.m. Cost is $9 for each child or adult. Babes in arms are welcome for free. (Space is limited, so you’re encouraged to buy tickets in advance.)