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826 Seattle wins $25K grant from Amazon

Congrats to Greenwood’s own 826 Seattle, which just won a $25,000 grant from amazon.com for its youth writing programs.

The gift from Amazon.com will be used to support our programming team whose mandate is to create programs that help children in Seattle learn the essential skill of writing. These programs include after-school tutoring and evening and weekend writing workshops. To directly support our schools, the organization offers field trips where teachers are invited to bring their classes to 826 Seattle to participate in theatrical writing experiences. Additionally 826 Seattle also sends trained volunteers into the classroom to support the work of teachers, lending one-on-one help to students as they work to create their stories. A final component is publishing where students are invited as well as helped by volunteers to do the necessary work to make a story worthy of publishing. 826 Seattle publishes anthologies of student work, many of which can be purchased on Amazon.com.