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Two upcoming Design Review Board meetings

The 6010 Phinney project will get another Design Review Board meeting next Monday, Sept. 14 at the Ballard High School Library. This follows review meetings in October and February. The project would demolish the building currently housing Roosters, Chef Liao, Daily Planet Antiques and Phinney Ridge Cleaners, and build a new four-story building with retail on the bottom and apartments above.

Two weeks later, the Design Review Board will get its second look at the proposed Fred Meyer development at its second Early Design Guidance meeting at 6:30 p.m., Sept. 28 at Ballard High School’s library. The Board got its first look at the proposal’s three options in July, but told the Fred Meyer team to come back with better options.

While GGLO presented 3 options, it was clear that A and B were throwaways and the only viable option was C. The parameters of the design review require 3 and we were really only presented with 1.