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A sign of the times – own a piece of the ‘hood

The city is selling off some old street signs that are a little worse for wear. Now, for as little as five bucks, you can own a piece of Greenwood or Phinney.
The city has 42 Greenwood Ave. N. signs (36×7 or 42×7 inches), and one N. Greenwood Circle (36×7). Each one is $5. They are listed as either “below average” or “average” condition.
Other available street signs from our neighborhood are Phinney Ave. N., Dibble Ave. NW, NW Carkeek Pk. Rd., Dayton Ave. N., Fremont Ave. N., and Linden Ave. N.

City street signs that are being replaced due to damage or wear are now available for purchase by the public. Signs…can be purchased at the City’s Surplus Warehouse. The warehouse is located at 3807 2nd Ave S. Additionally we will periodically post signs on EBay that have historical or novelty appeal. For information regarding EBay postings or if you have questions about this program, please call our warehouse at 206 684-0827.

(Thanks, CentralDistrictNews for finding this story!)