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Greenwood Park parties on

Hundreds of people played and ate at the Greenwood Park party on Sunday, while looking at design possibilities for future expansion.

Olive You, My. Gyros and Molly Moon’s donated food, as did a number of neighbors who took turns on grilling duty.

Thanks to David for the photos!
Here’s a brief report from Vision Greenwood Park Chair Mike Stringer:

Congratulations, everyone.
That was a fantastic event!!! Everything came together amazingly well. We had terrific attendance. I counted heads when everyone was lining up for ice cream, and there were at least 100 people in the plaza. That doesn’t include all the folks who had walked through earlier or came by later. Everyone I spoke to was having a great time and really appreciated our community building effort.
I want to give special thanks to our ‘party committee’ of Loretta, Cassandra and Joanna. You ladies did a great job organizing the event.
Thanks to Kurt and John for their culinary expertise. To Ann Bowden for all the supplies. To Patrick and his volunteer crew. And of course, thanks to Mark, Clayton, and Anna for the great design work. The layouts looked beautiful.