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Harlequin Source School combines dance, circus

Harlequin Source School is a unique movement studio that unifies dance, circus, martial arts, and yoga into one incredibly cool space inside SPACE: A Design Build Collective at 7601 Greenwood Ave. N., Suite 103. Harlequin is now introducing classes for the community.

The Harlequin Source School began with a fighter turned tango dancer and art representative from Boulder, CO. She met a San Francisco native theater artist and choreographer in a Seattle blues dance venue. Over a month, they discovered a shared passion for education, community and of all things, the Circus. A desire to blend all of these interests into something entirely new was born, and within another month the desire had a name.

The first to rehearse at HSS were the Harlequin Hipsters, a dancing troupe of acrobatic jesters under the direction of Ryan Barret. Now, members of the troupe contribute their knowledge from disciplines as varied as ballet and clowning or partner acrobatics and tango.

Harlequin has classes for capoeira, yoga, poi (firedancing), Argentine tango, hip-hop, aerial dance, fusion dance, modern dance and hula-hooping. There’s even a Kid’s Circus class for ages 7-13. Check out the full schedule.
Inside the 2,000 square foot space they’ve got a 500-square-foot sprung dance floor, 20-foot tall ceilings, lounge areas, mirrored wall, counter and table space, and bathrooms. Here’s the crowd after a recent performance by the Harlequin Hipsters:

And in case you were wondering what that shiny metal box is on top of the building…

That’s the space for another innovative group, Versatile Arts, which offers aerial performance classes in what they call The Cathedral.