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Sun too much for PNA’s solar-powered ATM

The prototype solar-powered ATM recently installed in the Phinney Neighborhood Association’s upper parking lot has been removed after getting “fried” by too much power coming from its solar cell array, according to the PNA.

All that remains is a gray metal case and the post that held the solar cells.

While the ATM’s design is refined, the PNA is taking the opportunity to design a way to better integrate it into the space, incorporating it into a structure that could include covered bike parking, according to Judith Wood at the PNA. As a result, it may be next spring before the ATM is reinstalled.

“In the interest of doing it well, we’re not going to do it quickly,” Wood said.

The next closest ATM is inside El Chupacabra. There’s also one at the 7-Eleven on the corner of Phinney Avenue and 59th Street and inside Ken’s Market at Greenwood Avenue and 73rd.

This got us thinking about putting together a listing of ATMs in Greenwood and Phinney. We know of several, but we’re hoping you can help out by letting us know in comments or via e-mail of ATMs you use, as well as what fees they charge.

Thanks, artman1951, for the tip!