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New parenting group coming to Phinney

Parent coach Rebecca Michi will offer a new parenting group at Phinney’s Playmatters. She calls it more than a playgroup and more than a mom’s group.

…allowing the children to play whilst the grown ups enjoy the company of other parents, and the guidance of a parent coach. Every other week Rebecca will give a presentation on different parenting issues we all deal with, such as taming tantrums, sleep issues, sibling rivalry, ditching the pacifier, food without fights and much more.
There are also a whole range of special guest speakers who will come and demonstrate new and exciting products and discuss a whole range of topics. As well as having a parenting expert on hand to answer your questions, you will have unlimited access to Rebecca Michi – Parenting Consultants resource list. This list includes aromatherapists, naturopaths, breastfeeding support, cloth diaper experts, to name a few. Many of these resources will offer my group members discounts on their products or services. You will also have access to a list of questions to ask Nannies and day care centers, as well as an extensive list of groups and classes available in the area.

The groups are open to anyone with children under 3 years old. Space is limited to 10 families per group. The PlayMatters group starts on Sept. 15 and meets every Tuesday at 10 a.m. Cost is $80 per month, and includes complimentary drinks and snacks.
For more information, contact Rebecca at 206-446-7572 or by email. You can sign up here.