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City Fruit still harvesting in neighborhood

Harvest season is in full swing and City Fruit is still harvesting incredible amounts of pears, plums and other fruits from neighborhood trees. As of yesterday, City Fruit’s Phinney-Greenwood team had harvested 2,616 pounds of fresh fruit to donate to local food banks, senior centers, and low-income child care centers in the neighborhood.
City Fruit was even featured on the front page of The Seattle Times yesterday.
Here’s Johanna Wearsch and Jen Mullen picking pears at a house in Phinney Ridge:

And here’s some plump Italian plums sharing space with a bird’s nest. (Both photos by Cheryl Klotz.)

They’ve conducted 27 harvests in our ‘hood since mid-July, and another eight harvests are scheduled for this week alone.

The donation sites have expressed appreciation for the fresh, local fruit and report that they’ve had no problem distributing all the fruit to folks in the area. Fruit trees harvested include asian pears, bartlett pears, greengage plums, italian plums, golden plums, gravenstein apples and more. Some fruit tree owners share that their properties and fruit trees were once part of historic orchards in the area, dating back 80 to 100 years.

City Fruit is looking for more volunteers through October, especially people who can transport a ladder to harvest sites and take the fruit to food banks. If you’re interested in harvesting, or have a tree with extra fruit you’d like to donate, just email them.