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Seattle firefighters donate $ to arson family

Seattle’s Bravest Charity, a non-profit, volunteer organization run by Seattle Firefighters, made a $500 donation today to the family who lost their home in last week’s arson. Dave Churchill, President of Seattle’s Bravest Charity, presented the crew of Greenwood’s Fire Station 21 with a gift card to Fred Meyer for the family.
“As Seattle Firefighters we get to see close up the senseless devastation caused by arsonists,” Churchill said in a press release. “Seattle’s Firefighters want to do what we can to help the family get back on their feet. We know their friends and neighbors have already been helping out, and we want to add our support and encourage others to help where they can.”

Seattle’s Bravest Charity was established in 1995 after the fire deaths of four Seattle Firefighters at the Pang Warehouse Arson. Our mission then was to care for the families left behind. Since then we have expanded our mission and have helped victims of fire, founded a Home Rescue Program aimed at helping the elderly, donated hundreds of bike helmets to children in need, managed a scholarship fund for the children and relatives of Seattle Firefighters, raised money to build the Firefighter Memorial in Pioneer Square, and established the Walter Kilgore Honor Guard.

Don’t forget that the next door neighbors of the family are also collecting donations of household items and gift cards. They are in contact with the family daily. You can email Jeremiah and Christie or just drop off items on their porch at 104 NW 84th. St.