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City Fruit harvests 1,000+ pounds of fruit in Phinney-Greenwood

City Fruit, which harvests extra fruit from neighbors’ trees and donates it to local food banks and senior centers, reports that volunteers have harvested more fruit in the Phinney Ridge-Greenwood area than any other neighborhood.
The group harvested and donated 1,338 pounds of fruit in Phinney-Greenwood in just the last two weeks.

We have several fruit trees that are ready to be picked this week. We can harvest more trees if some folks are able to transport an orchard ladder to harvest sites. So please let me know if you’re available (days/times) to transport an orchard ladder to a harvest site, and we can set up additional harvests this week. I’ve been able to tie a harvest ladder to the top of my Subaru with bungy cords for transport, as it’s never far from the storage carport site to the harvest sites in the neighborhood. So maybe others have the ability to do the same or have/ can borrow a truck?

If you’re interested, contact Jen at City Fruit.