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Gumshoe winners haul in cash prizes

The 4th annual Gumshoe 5K Walk (a PhinneyWood advertiser) is over and the winners have been announced for the neighborhood scavenger hunt. “Gumshoe Guy” Mike Veitenhans reports:

The Gumshoe grew from 250 participants last year to 400 this year and netted the Greenwood Senior Center over $4,000. Twenty-two people won $25 prizes in the MiniGumshoe contest drawings held at local businesses during the 10 days of the event and three won Fred Meyer gift cards in the Gumshoe grand prize drawing: Sam Wilk ($250), Alyssa Troiani ($150) and Marianne Rupp ($100). Tom Whyte III won the Gumshoe’s bonus Eatsy Street Game, taking home $225 in gift certificates to nine local eateries, and Paula Wittmann won the $149.95 Cecil B. deRedMill Cash Award for her video answer to the contest question, “What’s So Mysterious About Phinney/Greenwood?” For more information and to see Paula’s video, go to www.DoTheGumshoe.org.
Next year’s Gumshoe will be held August 6-15. The goal in 2010: 500 participants and $5,000!