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How to help fire victim family

The neighbors of the Greenwood family who lost everything in last Thursday’s arson of their rental home are still collecting donations, and now have specific clothing sizes for the Granillos.
Christie and Jeremiah say you can drop off the donations at their house at 104 NW 84th St., directly east of the burned home. They are in contact with the Granillo family every day and passing on all the donations of clothing and gift cards.

Salvador (dad) pants 32/32 and shirts med to large
Sal’s wife: Pants size 9 shirts Med
Oldest Son age 13: pants 32/32 and shirts Large
Oldest daughter age 10: size 16 pants in girls or juniors section and large t-shirts
Youngest son age 2: size 3
Youngest daughter age 4: size 6

Many people have emailed us or left comments asking specific questions about the family’s needs. Christie says you can email her directly.
Another renter living downstairs was burned and taken to Harborview Medical Center. We will try to find out more information about him and his needs and pass that along.