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$10,000 reward offered in arson cases

There’s a $10,000 reward out for the arson fire that injured a 50-year-old man Thursday on NW 84th Street.

Officials are urging neighbors to be on the lookout for suspicious people and to take steps to protect their property. If you haven’t already gotten a flier on your doorstep about steps you can take, you will soon.

Firefighters are dropping them off at houses and businesses from Aurora Avenue North to 8th Avenue NW and from North 70th to well into Greenwood. Firefighters from other stations have been helping, including some today from Station 35 on Holman Road. Other stations will be helping out this weekend, according to Station 2 firefighter Eric Jensen, who’s helping out at Station 21.

Here’s a map of the four fires that the Seattle Fire Department says may be the work of one or more arsonists:

Fire investigators are also looking at some fires in the University District.

People are encouraged to report suspicious activity to the Arson Alarm Hotline number at 1-800-55-ARSON. “Somebody somewhere, knows something,” Jensen said Friday night.