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Neighbors collecting donations for family who lost everything in arson yesterday

Neighbors of the Greenwood family who lost their home at 108 NW 84th St. in an arson yesterday are gathering donations for the family.
Christie and Jeremiah live right next door to the burned home, at 104 NW 84th St. They are collecting donations for the family, which includes a husband, wife, and four children ranging in age from 4-14. I spoke with Christie this afternoon and she says anyone can leave donations on their front porch.
Christie says neighbors have been stopping by all day to drop things off, although she’s not sure exactly what the family needs since they are currently staying in a hotel. She says the manager at Top Ten Toys came by to tell her he’ll be bringing toys for the children. They’re also working on setting up a fund at a local bank.
Christie says the husband’s name is Sal and he works in construction. He helped her and Jeremiah work on their house a lot when they first moved in. Sal’s family has rented the home for a number of years, but had no renters insurance, so they’ve lost everything.
Christie told me that her contractor was working on her house when he saw the fire and called 911. He also tried to kick in the door to the downstairs, where another man was renting a room. That man had to run through the fire to get outside. He was burned and taken to Harborview with non life-threatening injuries.
She says the fire started in a trash can in the alley. The can was placed directly underneath an overhanging part of the house.
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