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Friday evening in PhinneyWood

It’s been an eventful week filled with fire and water here in Phinney-Greenwood, but earlier this evening, most of the activity was of a more mundane nature, with the exception of the proliferation of TV news trucks, including this one parked at Ken’s Market.

At the Phinney Farmers Market, Mayor Greg Nickels was out shopping for votes and taking time out to decorate a zucchini with his wife, Sharon, for the Zucchini 500 races.

Then there was the Art Up Greenwood-Phinney Art Walk. There was plenty to be seen and heard at SPACE Design Collective.

And at the Seattle Management Group, Rick Rogers was back for another showing with some new works, including these.

We’d have gone to the Greenwood Collective to see the Penguins on Parade auction for Woodland Park Zoo, but we just ran out of steam at that point. How was it? Let us know in comments.