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Ripe at the Phinney Farmers Market

Here’s what’s “Ripe ‘n’ Ready” at area farmers markets this week, including the Phinney Farmers Market on Friday:

New Vegetables: Tomatillos, Celery Root, Bitter Melon, Ground Cherries – a small, sweet tomatillo, Rutabagas

New Fruit: Wild Huckleberries

Wild Mushrooms: Chanterelles, Lobster

This info is from the Neighborhood Farmers Market Alliance, which runs the Phinney Farmers Market (a PhinneyWood advertiser). Here’s a complete list of what you might find at your local market this weekend.

Phinney’s market runs from 3-7 p.m. every Friday through Oct. 2 in the Phinney Neighborood Center’s lower parking lot just east of the corner of 67th and Phinney Avenue North.