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Strange man at Greenwood Park?

A PhinneyWood reader sent us this note about a man she’s seen twice at Greenwood Park:

There is a man, mid to late 50’s, who I have now seen on two separate occasions sitting outside of the bathroom door at Greenwood Park (602 N 87th St.). I was there the first time with my husband and our two young children (under 2yrs). There were two other families there then as well so I didn’t pay as much attention, only to notice he gave us an under-the-breath “hello” when we said hi while passing by him on entrance to the park and that he had an open paper grocery bag, sides rolled/folded down a couple times sitting about a foot or two in front of where he was leaning/sitting. I did glance over a couple times while we were playing and he seemed to be staring at the ground (or his bag?). He sat in front of/facing the bathroom the whole 2 hours we were there. At first I thought maybe the bathroom was locked or someone was in there & he was waiting… but then I saw two different people come/go.
The second time I was there I was alone with my kids and no other adults in the park. I couldn’t shake that “creepy feeling… and I know I can be overprotective when I’m alone (at ANY park) with the kids, but, again he’s there? Why when there is a big, beautiful park with benches, tables, grass, etc., does he sit facing the bathroom door… with a paper bag sitting out in front of him? I know he has a right to sit wherever he likes, and I am fully aware it may just be a strange situation, but this time it was odd enough that after 20min I decided to leave. I then noticed two 8 to 10 year olds riding their bikes around and around the park and I didn’t see any parents. So, I didn’t want to leave while they were there alone, just in case – so I spent another 45min in the park until he finally got up & left. Then, so did we.
Again, please, I know he may be a great guy and I’m reading it all wrong, but it just seems very odd… I just wondered if anyone else has noticed him or knows the situation?