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More internationally renowned musicians coming to Empty Sea Studios

The just months-old Empty Sea Studios at 6300 Phinney Ave. has quickly made a name for itself as an acoustic music venue. Owner Michael Connolly just told us that he’s entered into a collaboration with Northwest Folklife (of the festival fame) for year-round folk concert programming outside of the festival itself, and has chosen Empty Sea as the venue.
They’re now kicking off a series called Folklife Masters, which will bring together internationally-known musicians from different backgrounds onstage to collaborate. The first show is this Thursday.

Dirk Powell and John Doyle, who have worldwide reputations as players of old-time fiddle and Irish guitar respectively, are backing Joan Baez at the ZooTunes concert that night. That show has been sold out for a while now, but after they entertain more than 5,000 folks at the Zoo, they’ll be walking over to Empty Sea Studios to play a late show of their own music. It’s incredible to have these folks on our stage, and exciting to be collaborating with Folklife to make more of these concerts happen.

The two-hour show starts at 9:30 p.m. Tickets are $40 in advance and at the door.