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New life for empty building on 85th & 1st

It used to be a donut shop, a pizza place, and then a coffee shop, but mostly the building on the southwest corner of 85th Street  and 1st Avenue across from Fred Meyer has been an empty eyesore. Now, some new tenants are sprucing up the place and hope to open a restaurant in about three weeks.

I stopped by today and talked to “Alex” (he said his real name is too hard for most people, so he just goes by Alex), who also owns Lake City Gyros. They’ve been working on the inside of the building for the last week, and hope to be open for business in about three weeks.
Alex says they’ll start with a cafe that serves soups, hot dogs, sandwiches, etc., plus they’ll have a little coffee shop house out in the parking lot. Next year, they hope to add American style breakfasts, salads, and other types of food in the 1,400 square foot space. They’re also thinking of hosting a flea market in the parking lot on the weekends.
There’s no name for the restaurant yet, but it will be “Greenwood something,” Alex says.
Thanks to Marty for the tip!