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8 Limbs Yoga Centers opening on Phinney

8 Limbs Yoga Centers will open in the Fini condo building sometime this fall. Owner and director Anne Phyfe Palmer says she hopes construction goes smoothly so they can open in October.
Phyfe Palmer lived on Phinney Ridge several years ago when she first moved to Seattle. “I loved that neighborhood, walked it all the time,” she says. “I was there when Carmelita opened; I loved Ken’s Market.”
She first opened 8 Limbs on Capitol Hill in 1996, and has since expanded to Wedgwood and West Seattle.
“The whole point of starting 8 Limbs back in 96…was to have yoga in an open, welcoming environment,” she says. “Not to teach one kind or style of yoga, but to be embracing of the wide range of styles of yoga. What unifies us is the quality of our teachers; they’re very grounded.”
Phyfe Palmer says 8 Limbs Yoga Centers is not about wearing the perfect yoga ensemble. It’s for all levels of students, from beginning to advanced, and they’ll have pre- and post-natal yoga as well, plus series for seniors.
The plan is to have classes every day of the week, at all different times, including early morning, mid-morning, afternoons and evenings. Phyfe Palmer says she needs to know what the community wants in terms of class schedule, so feel free to post a note for her in comments below.
Their new space will be just shy of 2,000 square feet, so they’ll have one large studio with natural light from the windows, plus a smaller studio in the back that can be used for smaller classes, private instruction or childcare, and a small boutique.
8 Limbs won a Mayor’s Small Business Award last year, and has been named best yoga studio in a number of different local publications in the last few years, including Seattle Weekly, Seattle Magazine and Seattle Metropolitan Magazine.