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Frock Shop expanding, Lil Paisley closes

The Frock Shop on the corner of Greenwood and 65th is expanding into the space formerly occupied by Lil Paisley vintage jewelry. Frock Shop’s owner, Suzy Fairchild, tells us that she will continue to carry a collection of Lil Paisley’s handmade jewelry in the shop, and you can still shop Lil Paisley’s website.
Frock Shop is currently about 500 square feet, and will be adding another 200 square feet. They’ll be adding a seating area, more clothing, and accessories display. The front door of the former Lil Paisley space will change to a window, and the shop is adding air conditioning and bamboo flooring throughout. They may be closed for a few days at some point. At the end of August or beginning of September, the Frock Shop will have a big end of summer/remodel/sidewalk sale, so stay tuned.