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House break-in on 8th Ave. Friday

We received this email late Friday night:

Just wanted to let folks know someone forced open a window on the side of our house today and stole laptops, i-pods, x-box, etc. We have been very careful about shutting and locking our windows each morning, and several windows were tried before they found the weak link. The house was completely ransacked, including busting off the front of our fire-proof safe that wasn’t even locked! It happened sometime between 8 am – 1 pm. Both of our neighbors work from home, although one was out, the other heard nothing. Please be the eyes and ears for your neighbors, and keep your house locked up during the day. We are on 8th Ave. NW, between 77th and 80th.

If you heard or saw anything, please email us and we’ll pass it on to the homeowner.

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