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Meat buying club delivers to Phinney Ridge

Most of us have heard of Community Supported Agriculture, where people buy a “share” of the bounty from a local farm and pick up their produce on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule. A Walla Walla company, run by a native from Crown Hill, is offering a similar meat “buying club” for residents of Phinney Ridge and Ballard.
Keith Swanson of Thundering Hooves Ranch delivers his grass-fed beef, pork and lamb to restaurants, stores and buying clubs around the area. His Phinney Ridge stop is at St. John United Lutheran at 55th and Phinney, where he delivers every other Saturday from 9-9:45 a.m.
Clients don’t actually join or pay membership fees for the buying club. They just place their order on the website, and pay in cash or check when they pick it up.
“As more and more people learn about the benefits of grass-fed meats, as compared to the corn-fed alternative at the grocery store, interest in our farm business has really taken off,” Swanson said in a press release. “Grass-fed beef has more Omega-3s and a lot less of the saturated fats. Plus, it has a richer flavor.”