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Phinney/Greenwood has some of Seattle’s “Best”

Seattle Weekly just released its annual “Best of Seattle” list and Phinney and Greenwood made a very respectable showing.
The Baranof at 8549 Greenwood Ave. N. won for Best Dive Bar.
El Chupacabra at 6711 Greenwood Ave. N. wins for Best Jukebox.
Red Mill at 312 N. 67th St. has the Best Onion Rings.
All locations of Mud Bay (8532 1st Ave. N. in Greenwood) won for Best Place to Splurge on Your Pet.
All Starbucks (N. 67th St. & Phinney Ave. N. in Phinney) won for Best Place to be Able to Actually Hear Your Friends Talk.
All Goodwill stores (6400 8th Ave. NW in Ballard/Phinney) wins for Best Recession-Friendly Shopping.
While PhinneyWood didn’t win for best neighborhood blog, our sister site, MyBallard, came in a close second to the awesome West Seattle Blog.
Congratulations to all the winners! (And let us know if we missed one.)