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How are you keeping cool?

With today’s highs expected to approach 90 and an excessive heat watch looming, it got us thinking about ways to take the edge off, especially considering how it seems like a lot of Seattleites start to wilt when the temperature climbs above 75 degrees.

Here are a few ideas in and around the neighborhood:

Hit the water. Since we’re lacking aquatic amenities in our neighborhood, you’ll have to travel a short distance to find open water. From the swim areas to the kiddie wading pool at Green Lake, there’s an option for everyone. You could also try Carkeek Park or Golden Gardens. In any case, come ready to join a crowd.

Grab a cold one. Be it an iced coffee or a frosty brew, check out our food & drink guide for ideas, including Herkimer Coffee and Naked City Taphouse.

Get an ice cream. In Greenwood, Neptune Coffee has Molly Moon Ice Cream and at the south end of Phinney Ridge, you can find scoops being dished out at Mae’s Phinney Ridge Cafe and at Phinney Market’s ice cream counter.

Find a place with air conditioning. Is it just me, or does the freezer aisle at the grocery store seem to get very crowded on days like this?

Eat some spicy food. Eat a plate of camerones al diablo or some other spicy dish at Taqueria Tequila or another local restaurant. Get something that’s hot enough to make you sweat. You’ll cool off when your perspiration evaporates.  

OK, that’s our short list, what ideas do you have? Are there still blow-up pools and ice available at your store?