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Puget Sound Energy poser?

Washington Wilderness Coalition at 305 N. 83rd St. reports someone may have been casing their offices a few days ago:

Yesterday a man who claimed to be from Puget Sound Energy came into our office while we were all in a meeting and walked around the office. I caught him before he left and talked with him, and he claimed to be looking for a gas meter (our office does not use gas). Since we were busy I did not think to check with PSE until today. They said they did not send anyone out here. So, apparently someone is posing as a PSE employee to go into offices. The neighborhood has had a rash of break-ins lately, and the word is that it was done by professionals who had cased the businesses.
He was about 5’10”-6’0″, short gray hair, no facial hair, Caucasian, medium build. Relatively non-descript.

Has anyone else had something like this happen?