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Free community dinner every Thursday

Here’s something we recently discovered. Westminster Community Church in Broadview partners with Upper Crust Catering in Greenwood to serve a free community dinner at 6 p.m. every Thursday night in Upper Crust’s upstairs dining hall at 85th & Greenwood.
The dinner is open to anyone who wants to come. Donations are accepted but not at all expected.

Every community needs a time and place to come together. This is especially true during challenging days. What better way to do this than with warm food around tables in friendship and laughter and connectedness. Our by-line says it all, “Warm meal among friends”. Our culinary arts team prepares a warm meal every week and invites our neighbors to our table, young and old, differing ethic backgrounds, differing income levels, singles and families, come one come all. Rather than looking to gathering in groups that are similar, this is a chance to gather with the rich mosaic-like diversity that Seattle is known for.

The church also holds a community dinner every Wednesday night at the church at 145th and Greenwood. The church hopes to begin community dinners in other neighborhoods, too.