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Upper Crust feeds Tent City

Here’s your feel-good post of the week. Upper Crust Catering at the corner of Greenwood Avenue and 85th St., has been providing a hot dinner to the residents of Tent City every single Monday night for the last 2-1/2 years. They started when Tent City was hosted by Phinney Ridge Lutheran Church on Greenwood and 75th.
“We went up there and asked if we could feed them dinner,” General Manager Don Platt says. “I wanted to give it back to less fortunate people. It’s not my business to pass judgment. People just need a little help and a hot meal.”
Don, Upper Crust owner Jim Lustig, and a couple of friends have been doing it ever since.
The menu includes something like barbecue chicken, roast pork loin or ribs. They often are able to use food leftover from the previous weekend’s catering events. (The trays of food are extras that weren’t needed and are still wrapped, so it’s not “leftovers” by any stretch.) Don says catering clients are always excited to know that Upper Crust will be putting those leftovers to good use a day or two later.