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Fruit Tree Harvest program seeking volunteers

The Phinney-Greenwood Sustainable Fruit Tree Harvest – a program of City Fruit – is looking for fruit tree owners and volunteers to pick fruit to share with those in need.

City Fruit works neighborhood by neighborhood to help residential tree owners grow healthy fruit, to harvest and use what they can, and to share what they don’t use with those in need. We are seeking fruit tree owners who have more fruit than they need and who would like to share some of their bounty. Volunteers are needed to help pick and deliver fruit to Phinney-Greenwood food banks, community, senior and childcare centers, to scout trees for ripeness, organize workshops, and outreach to fruit tree owners. We are also looking for a donation of a harvest ladder, and a local garage to store equipment for the season (July-October). Email [email protected] to join us in building community and strengthening our local food systems!