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Have you seen this chair?

Kate tells us that someone stole one of her chairs right off her front porch on NW 73rd St., and she’s hoping someone in the neighborhood has seen it. It was a gift from her sister, and has orange metal legs.

Late last Saturday night there was a pretty wild guy out on the street/sidewalk when the kids were coming home. This guy thought our house was where the “party” was…Apparently, there were 2 big parties on the street that night and he was certain one of them was happening at our house. Anyway, the guy got pretty pissed that the kids told him there was no party there and that he couldn’t come in and that he needed to leave the property.

Low and behold, he sort of went away, but apparently hauled off some skate ramps and our front patio chairs. I located the ramps and one of the chairs, but the other one is missing. They’re pretty heavy and biggish chairs, so I’m assuming that he didn’t get too far with it.

If you’ve seen it, please email Kate.