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What do you want Greenwood Park to look like?

The public is invited to a community meeting to brainstorm ideas for new uses and activities at Greenwood Park from 6:30-8:30 p.m. on Thursday, July 16, at the Salvation Army, 9501 Greenwood Ave.
A volunteer group called Vision Greenwood Park is working in partnership with the Seattle Parks and Recreation Department. The meeting will be facilitated by Site Workshop, a Seattle-based landscape architecture firm.

Greenwood Park is located between Fremont and Evanston Avenues and North 87th and 89th Streets. There are four lots on the Fremont Avenue side of Greenwood Park that may become part of the park in the future. Two of them are owned by Seattle Parks and Recreation and two are privately owned (and not currently for sale). A group of neighbors, called Vision Greenwood Park, have come together to lead a community planning process to create a vision for the future of these lots. This vision will follow these guiding principles:

· Plan comprehensively for the long-term use of all four lots
· Engage the community in a process to explore a variety of potential uses.
· Integrate the new lots with the rest of the park.
· Build on the child and young family features of the park and create uses for other groups including, but not limited to, teens and senior citizens.

This is the first of three community meetings that will guide development of a plan for the future of the Fremont Avenue lots. The project is funded by a Neighborhood Matching Fund grant from Seattle Department of Neighborhoods. For more information, check out Vision Greenwood Park’s yahoo group.