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Motorcycle & car collide at Greenwood & 102nd

Update Wednesday, 9 p.m.: Commenting on this story has been turned off due to some people disregarding the rules against offensive language and threats.
George emailed to tell us of a terrible accident at Greenwood & 102nd just before 9 tonight:

The motorcycle was traveling north at “in excess of 90mph” (said passengers in cars who witnessed it). His passenger flew through the air all the way to 103rd. The man lost his leg in the hood of the car.
We live on the corner, heard the crunch, and saw the motorcycle passenger flying through the air. The motorcycle was traveling north on Greenwood. The car was driving south, turning left onto 102nd. The police are still here (at 10:20 p.m.) doing a full forensics on the scene. Both motorcycle passengers were alive but unconscious when they went into the ambulances.

Seattle Fire Department’s Real Time 911 log shows a massive aid response at 8:47 p.m.
There’s not a lot of information yet, but KOMO is reporting that both motorcycle riders sustained life threatening injuries. Thanks, George, for the tip and photo.