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Thousands pack Greenwood for car show

Hundreds of hot rods and classic cars lined 17 blocks of Greenwood Ave. today for the neighborhood’s annual big event, the Greenwood Car Show.

Thousands of people from all over the Northwest enjoyed all the food, fins and fenders in beautiful weather.

Let’s start with a vintage 1909 Stanley Steamer Roadster, which cost $1,350 one hundred years ago. The price now? “Priceless,” says its owner.

For a slightly more affordable vehicle, here’s a $109,000 Tesla electric car, which can go zero to 60 in just 3.9 seconds. “It’s not a Prius,” said Dave, the owner, who explains there are 22 Tesla vehicles in Seattle. By the way, Dave tells us Tesla plans to open its first Seattle dealership later this summer.

Then there’s this 1939 Chevrolet for an overstated mobster look.

And a very unusual entry: a 1951 Buick Estate Wagon with a 1928 Willits Brothers wood canoe strapped to the top. The license plate: GOTWOOD.

We saw Lance Lambert of The Vintage Vehicle Show, along with his camera crews, shooting interviews for his TV show.

And of course, lots of great food, like Mr. Gyros here.

Thanks to everyone who helped put on this year’s event, especially the Greenwood Knights. We posted a few more photos after the break below…