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Aggressive soliciting scam?

Rachel emailed us about a possible scam involving an aggressive solicitor who came to her door on June 13:

We live on 84th street near 6th Ave NW. A man just stopped by claiming to be a representative of GE. He said that GE made our alarm system (not true) that it was old (not unless 1 year is old!) and that they were changing systems from analog to digital for free. He said this was in exchange for putting a sign on the lawn.

He looked quasi “official” – navy GE baseball cap, and showed some sort of license. He was young (under 30), Caucasian, and wore a red jacket.

Our alarm company has not notified us of any changes, and we were highly skeptical of his claims. When we stated that we would check with our alarm company and we didn’t need any change, he grew increasingly argumentative and hostile. He kept saying that he wasn’t selling anything. He also stated that our own alarm company will be making the same change, but will charge us for it.

We asked him to leave and I told him that I was calling 911 to report him. I believe he is going door to door in the neighborhood. I looked online and found evidence of other similar scams across the country.

Several people have posted in the forum about this person and other aggressive solicitors, and we had a recent post about aggressive sales people for a glass company, which drew a number of comments. Anyone else encountered the supposed GE representative?