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Taquería Tequila wants to add bar

Taquería Tequila, 301 NW 85th St., hopes to add a bar in the space next door at 303 NW 85th St., which is now occupied by an accounting office, seen in the right edge of this file photo.

Here’s a link to the permit request.

The Greenwood discussion group (registration required) has a good thread going on this subject and Kimberly has added this great summary:

The drinking establishment is for the Taquería Tequila Authentic Mexican Food restaurant. I have talked with the contact person, Mario Vega. He is listed as the contractor. I have also talked with the city planner, Scott Ringgold. Both gentlemen were easy to talk to. The application the restaurant has submitted states that they want to convert 778 sq. ft. of office space into a 21 years old or older bar with eat in services. They plan on being open for business Monday – Thursday until 10 p.m. and Friday – Sunday until 1 or 1:30 a.m.

A public comment period is open until June 24. Contact Ringgold at (206) 233-3856 or [email protected]