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Busy night for firefighters in Greenwood

Update 11:40 p.m.: Just as firefighters were packing up their gear from the 87th and Greenwood fire, they rushed to a new fire in a house near Greenwood Ave. and Holman Road. There was heavy smoke and flames when they arrived and just when firefighters thought they had the fire under control there was a flare-up. Rob was on the scene and shot this video:

Update 10:45 p.m. Firefighters raced to a fire at the OK Corral BBQ restaurant at 87th and Greenwood just after 10 p.m. They quickly extinguished a small garbage fire in the basement. The large response shut down Greenwood Ave. in front of the Safeway , and traffic has been routed around the area.

Here’s a good look at the fire response in an overhead shot by Nick Collins.

And a cell phone camera photo from Rob on the ground as firefighters wrap up after extinguishing the blaze. No injuries were reported. (Thank you Sarra, John, Cheryl and Rob for the tips!)