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Notes From the Job Search wants you

A local job search support group loves losing its members as they find work.

Notes From the Job Search is a group of individuals who gather weekly to discuss job search topics and compare notes with other local job seekers. Did you know that only a VERY small percentage of jobs available, are actually advertised? Helping you tap into the “hidden” job market is just one of the things we do.
Weekly topics include resume reviews, mastering the elevator pitch, using online networking resources such as Linkedin, and more! The meetings usually run around 90 minutes, and everyone is encouraged to actively participate! No need to dress up – come as you are. We have nothing to sell! Our services are FREE!
This is NOT a job fair. While you will probably NOT find a job at one of the meetings, we GUARANTEE that you WILL walk away from each meeting with a few new job search skills, a better resume, encouragement from your fellow group members, perhaps a few new network connections, and sometimes even a job lead!

Notes from the Job Search meets Wednesdays at 3 p.m. at Grean Bean Coffee.