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North Greenwood car prowl

Elizabeth wanted to let her neighbors in North Greenwood on Palatine know of a car prowl that happened sometime Saturday or Sunday:

My boyfriend’s car (an older Honda Civic) was broken into and rifled through sometime in the last day. Nothing of value was taken, and they left behind lots of DVD’s and other things you’d think a burglar would want, which makes us think they got scared off. The car was parked on the street in a dark patch (no street light), and that probably helped the person in choosing our car. They seem to have gotten in the car by prying off a piece of plastic along the window, and then bending the window to unlock the door. We live on a quiet street (Palatine Ave N), and were surprised and upset that this happened to us, even if nothing is missing.

So, does anyone have any ideas on how to prevent car prowls?