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‘Peeping Tom’ spotted near zoo this morning

Heather emailed us this morning about a guy trying to peek in an apartment window:

I just wanted to let you know that there was a peeping tom early this morning around 2:45 am at the apartments on 50th and Evanston across from the zoo. A neighbor was taking his dog out and caught the guy – large bald man in the bush peering into an apartment and yelled very loudly at him to alert others in the building. The neighbor thought that the man was going to attack him but I think because the neighbor has a large dog the man was scared off and ran down 50th. The neighbor tried to chase the man but was unable to catch him and the police were called.
I know right now with the heat people are leaving their windows and blinds open – I just want everyone to be aware that this “tom” is still out there.