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Bear runs through Ballard, Lower Phinney

Update 3 p.m.: KING 5 just reported that the bear was spotted at Twin Ponds Park in Shoreline and officials believe it has been contained within the park, which is, obviously, now closed.
Updated 7:30 a.m.Seattle Police and wildlife officers spent most of the early morning hours trying to capture a small bear roaming the neighborhood. The bear ran through yards and down back alleys, first spotted at 15th Ave. and 77th St. just after midnight. (If you’re curious if the animal ran by your house, My Ballard reader Silver tracked the police calls in the forum here.) Wildlife officers were armed with tranquilizer darts and a tracking dog, and they told us to stay in our car as we followed the chase at a safe distance.

But the bear was too quick. By 3 a.m., it had disappeared in the area around 11th Ave. and 92nd St. Officers decided to call off the pursuit, but the animal resurfaced at 5:30 a.m. at 133rd and Meridian. An officer on scene early this morning told us they believed this is the same bear that was spotted yesterday around Discovery Park — they believe it made the swim over the Ship Canal to Ballard. (Thanks Silver for helping with the story this morning!)